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   Comedy Store
   8433 W. Sunset Blvd.
   West Hollywood, CA 90069-1909
   (323) 656-6225
  Extra Info
   Hours: Open daily - 8pm-2am
   Pricing: $5-$20 (plus a two-drink minimum).

  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

Founded in 1972, the Comedy Store was the original comedy stop in L.A. Jim Carrey got his start here. So did Michael Keaton. David Letterman was the emcee here for three years, after starting out on Amateur Night. Richard Pryor staged his '72 "comeback" on this stage, and recorded three live albums at the Comedy Store.

The Comedy Store is known not only for quality stand-up acts but for being located on the grounds of the legendary Ciros nightclub, where alleged mob "hits" took place in the back rooms. So don't be surprised to hear ghostly reminders. On any given night, visitors are also treated to ghosts of comedy's past such as Paul Mooney and Andrew "Dice" Clay. Even Mitzi Shore gets on stage from time to time--the colorful owner who once told Garry Shandling he'd never make it on stage, and still insists that David Letterman could have used more time as her emcee.

Long gone are the times when all three stages were jumping seven nights a week. These days, the smaller Belly Room is rarely used and the more expensive Main Room features pretty much the same shows as the Original Room. Shore's picks tend to be a little offbeat, which is not always a good thing, but the line-ups are large and varied enough that you're bound to enjoy a few.
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