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   i Cugini
   1501 Ocean Avenue
   Santa Monica, CA 90401
   Tel: (310) 451-4595
   Fax: (310) 451-9026
  Extra Info
   Hours: N/A
   Pricing: N/A

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i Cugini is where roomy, open-air environment washes away the cares of the day. The distant crashing of waves, the gurgle of two ornate fish-shaped fountains, and Italian music playing in the background have you relaxed before you even see the menu!

Almost half of the restaurant consists of a space designed to resemble a seaside patio like one might find on the Amalfi coast of Italy. The interior features vaulted ceilings, parquet wood floors, terrazzo marble countertops and a huge mural depicting an old trattoria in Italy from the 20's. Columns are used instead of walls to separate the different rooms: a bar area, center dining room and back dining room. The focal point of the center dining room is a central fish boning station.

i Cugini, Specialita di Pesce, offers an authentic Italian dining experience. The seafood-inspired menu promotes sharing, with whole-cooked fish dishes and smaller portions of antipasti and pasta. Fish is cooked whole or cut with preparation styles including oven roasted in rock salt and braised in a light tomato broth with fennel. Meat and chicken dishes can also be found on the menu, along with pizza and bomba, puffed dough cooked light, high and crisp and filled with ingredients such as fontina cheese and prosciutto. Side dishes, soups and salads reflect Italy's reverence to the seasons.

The Menu
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