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las vegas


   House of Blues
   3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
   Las Vegas , NV 89119
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

Late Night at the House of Blues Las Vegas ReviewLet's face it - the DJs in this town know what you want to hear before you do.

But occasionally you're jonesing for a song that's nowhere in sight (or earshot), so what do you do? Slink home to your iTunes playlist? Try to find the last record store in Vegas?

No, you head over to Late Night at House of Blues and pick your poison.

Depending on the night of the week, the venue that hosts some of the most legendary music acts in the world can also host some of your guilty pleasures.

Itching to dance and party to some of the catchiest songs to ever pour out of a set of speakers? Not willing to commit to just one band? Friday nights at House of Blues features rotating live tribute bands performing -- you guessed it -- the hits.

But Late Night at House of Blues isn't just a playground for pop culture gone by. You can spice things up Saturday nights at the Midnight Club where a blend of Top 40, dance and hip-hop music make for a high-energy nightclub environment.

Plus, what would the House of Blues be without some actual blues? Wednesday nights the club lives up to its name with "Nothing But the Blues." Literally.

A tribute to Prince - Purple Reign - on Sundays and live, original music performances on Thursday, round out the House of Blues' offerings for nightly fun.

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