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las vegas


   3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
   Las Vegas, NV 89109
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

If Las Vegas were an amusement park (and some would argue that it is), Sin City 's nightlife industry would be the roller coasters. There are ups and downs, each new coaster trying to outdo the last. Bigger hills, faster turns, you get it.

And unlike any park we've ever heard of, Vegas opens a new "coaster" at least once every few months, so it's with nervous trepidation that the city awaits each new venue. Busting onto the scene with three other clubs on New Year's Eve, Privé Nightclub was in for a lot of competition. The seasoned partiers of our fair town weren't looking for any rickety, old, wooden ride. They wanted something new, with double loops and corkscrews. Lucky for Vegas' thrill-seekers (or night-clubbers, in this case), Privé delivers.

The club, located inside Planet Hollywood, is actually an offering from the folks in South Beach Florida . The Opium Group - which operates four hopping nightclubs in Miami - chose Sin City for the first venture outside of Florida , and why wouldn't they?

"After a lot of research, we decided that the synergy between Miami and Vegas was natural and that Sin City was the perfect town for Privé Las Vegas," said Vanessa Menkes, vice president of communications The Opium Group.

But Vegas is a big town, with a lot of space for clubs, so the next step was to choose a resort to open in.

"We thought Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino would make a great home to Privé and that our signature brand of joie de vivre, glamour and decadence would be a great addition to the Vegas Strip," Menkes said. She added, "I'm happy to say it's worked!"

And just why it works is evident from the minute you set out for the club. Located above the casino floor, Privé's entrance (and line - hey, it is popular after all) is actually right on the floor, with an escalator leading up into the club.

There's a kind of buzz in the throng of people clustered around the escalator and the feeling you get once you get through the ropes and onto the steps is one of triumph. You've made it and you're going some place worth going, at least judging by all the other people trying to get to the same place.

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