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las vegas


   Inside New York-New York
   3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
   Las Vegas, NV 89109
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

A Vegas endeavor Rok is a lot more than just a handful of beats worthy of bobbing your head to. In a setting designed to be intimate rather than overwhelming, Rok boasts not only a DJ, but a VJ (or video jockey for those just joining Vegas' party scene), who conducts lighting and images like others man a turntable.

There's a screen that snakes around the top of the club's indoor area (there's also a nice-sized patio) where you can see eye-catching footage of concerts, live shots of the club and animation that'll make you scratch your head trying to figure out what it is - until you realize you don't care because it looks cool, whatever it is.

The club's layout is one of the most intuitive in Vegas, which may not seem like something worth mentioning, but if you've ever lost your best friend on the veranda at a mega-club, you know that ease-of-navigation is actually one of the more important things a nightclub can have.

The main room is rectangular and the bar runs nearly the length of it, plus you can see the video screen from almost everywhere. The stage area (where Katy Perry performed for the club's opening) is also easy to spot. The bathrooms (which are thankfully not hard to find) are coyly unisex - you just walk in and some stalls are for men and some stalls are for women, with a communal sink area tying everything together.

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