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las vegas


   Studio 54
   3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
   Las Vegas, NV 89109
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

It's not often the opportunity to completely ignore a disco ball comes along. As it turns, sending squares of light scattering around the room, it's usually pretty obvious the disco ball has arrived - and so has the party.

But at Studio 54, located inside the MGM Grand Hotel, the party started 30 years ago and the disco ball, while massive and always a beloved symbol of dancing the night away, almost slinks quietly into the background, lost in everything else the club has to offer.

A reincarnation of the famed Studio 54 in New York City , which closed in its original form in 1979, Studio 54 Las Vegas brings that same glitz and glamour to a place where glitz and glamour feel right at home - Sin City .

That's not to say the club has lost sight of its roots, in fact, it embraces them. Giant black and white photography, shot by paparazzo Felice Quinto at the original Studio 54, adorns the club's walls, giving the partiers on the dance floor a little something to live up to. A giant man-in-the-moon, synonymous with the New York club, hangs above the DJ booth.

Studio 54 General Manager Anthony Olheiser said it's this history that is partly responsible for keeping the club a hotspot among those in search of a good time.

"There's a mystique about Studio 54 that no other club has," Olheiser said. "The name brings people in. They've heard of some of the newer clubs, but they're always curious about Studio 54."

Not simply relying on past successes to keep things hopping, Studio 54 has undergone some major changes in the name of party progress. In late 2005, as the club aged gracefully into its eighth year, a series of remodels were unveiled that turned the club into an even more vibrant place to see and be seen.

An entry way, replete with plush, high-backed couches to rest dance-weary feet, offers club-goers more fluid access to the spectacle they're about to partake in. The entry way is also home to possibly the only person not moving in the vibrating cavern of Studio 54.

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