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las vegas

   Badda Bing
   3500 W. Naples Dr.
   Las Vegas, NV 89103
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

In décor and atmosphere, Badda Bing is less "faceless, serviceable space" and more "opulent, Mediterranean hideaway." You wouldn't be alone in thinking you'd walked into the wrong place (except for the sign in front, obviously), but if you're paying attention you'll notice stripper poles alongside things like a piano.

There are plush, massive seating options and drapes (ask your wife) and plants and tables and they all match. Someone put some thought into things. We could go on and on about the décor, but that's probably not why you're checking out Badda Bing, so we'll move on.

If you're not normally into the whole gentleman's club thing, Badda Bing might just be the place that changes your mind (or at the very least becomes the exception to your rule). This is because Badda Bing does things a little bit differently.

The stage is elevated (as they usually are), but it's unobstructed and you can actually see what the woman on stage is doing instead of losing sight of her with the backs of heads and raised beer bottles.

In addition to regular seating, there are seating options below the main floor, sunken in a little bit, and these areas are perfect for parties because it's an easy way to keep your group together. Where normally you'd have tables sprawled haphazardly across some arbitrary section, your party can actually keep contained and you can feel like you're enjoying things together, instead of just next to each other.

There are also VIP skyboxes that'll definitely keep your group together, if you're willing to throw down the extra dough.

Another neat (which might be understating and underselling it) feature is the shower area - you can watch the dancers gets themselves squeaky clean in Badda Bing.

And just what kind of women are lathering up? Pretty ones. The club's ladies are some of the most upscale-looking in town, and they cater to all tastes, so you'll almost surely see someone you like on stage and at one time or another.

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