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las vegas

   The Penthouse
   3525 W. Russell Road
   Las Vegas, NV 89118
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

Everybody's familiar with the feeling of watching a beloved book be turned into a movie and the disappointment that follows right after. "But, they left out the most important part," you grumble to yourself, leaving the theater.

But Sin City puts a new spin on that formula -- turning a magazine into a club -- and, trust us, all the most important parts are there.

Occupying the sprawling space formerly held by Sin, the Penthouse Club lives up to the magazine's name. Literally. The women, some that could easily look at home on the magazine's pages, are alive. And right in front of you.

The club has several stages, snaking through different rooms, interwoven with VIP tables, other seating and bars. It might take a minute to get your bearings if you're not familiar with the layout, but once you figure out which stage your favorites are dancing on, it gets easier.

The VIP room, complete with a separate bar, has some cozy couches and private rooms for dances and looks as if some thought was given to atmosphere and decoration beyond the women. The entire club is pretty swanky and, in what Vegas does best, carefully mixes two different genres, throwing in a little bit of a nightclub vibe (including bottle service) to the whole experience.

The club's dancers offer a nice variety and a little bit of something for everybody, including a few beautifully tattooed women and a few girl-next-door types.

In what seems to be an underused, but smart choice, the club also has a gift shop. You won't find any tacky knickknacks here though -- Penthouse gear, lingerie, as well as a few things to keep your night going right are stocked in place of Elvis sunglasses.

And if you're looking for a copy of the club's namesake magazine, you won't have to look far -- copies of Penthouse are scattered throughout the club, so go ahead, check, just like we said, all the important parts are there.

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