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las vegas

   3025 S. Industrial Rd.
   Las Vegas, NV 89109
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

You can tell a lot about a gentleman's club from the women inside.
No, we're not talking about the dancers (although they're important, too, and we'll come back to them), we're talking about the women inside enjoying themselves and having a good time, as they sometimes are at Sapphire.

It's not that there are droves of women pouring into Sapphire nightly for lap dances and champagne (well, actually, there are sometimes, because there's a section full of male dancers, too), it's that when they're there and in the main room, they still seem comfortable and that speaks volumes. You probably won't run into your wife there, but you might see a few, scattered women (again, in the main room - women abound in the male revue room) and they'll probably be smiling, which is the mark of a good gentleman's club. Here's why this is true at Sapphire:

It's not shady or scary or sketchy or whatever the new buzzword for questionable is these days. Because of the club's massive size (it's seriously huge), you don't get the feeling that you're in some off-the-beaten-path dive club where you might get mugged and no one would notice.

Instead, the space feels a little bit like a supermarket or a gym (which it used to be), but full of dancers taking some of their clothes off, which is better than grocery shopping anyway.

It's upscale. Sapphire is a gentleman's club that blurs the line between gentleman's clubs and nightclubs, so that means it's probably a little bit swankier than your place back home. There are VIP booths and skyboxes and the lighting, the bars, even the art on the walls (which trends a little toward the erotic) classes it up to more than just some dingy room where women dance.

It's ordered. With such a large space, Sapphire could easily turn into an overwhelming sea of confusion and body parts, but it doesn't. There's a main room with a stage - which can be doubled in size if the crowds warrant it - and clearly defined and easy-to-get to bars.

There's also a whole separate room, split off by curtains and walls, where the male dancers are. This way no one sees anything they don't want to see and everybody stays happy.

It's full of dancers. Now, you might think that's a given with the nature of gentleman's clubs, but because of Sapphire's size (70,000 square feet), there are way more dancers than at most clubs or, at least, it seems that way).

This means that you'll probably have no trouble finding a dancer you like and with the efficient way the stage is operated at Sapphire, you'll probably see her a few times before the end of the night - even if you don't spring for a lap dance (which you should - go ahead, treat yourself).

So, really, with all that in mind, it's doesn't matter what gender the customers are - you can tell a lot about a gentleman's club from the people inside. And at Sapphire, that usually means a bunch of happy people, having a good time.

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