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las vegas

   4740 S. Arville St.
   Las Vegas, NV 89103
   Tel: (718) 729-6041
   Reservations: CLICK Submit & Reserve
  Map and Direction
   Click Here »

Vegas' nightclubs have been progressively steamier, with many mainstream club go-go dancers just one bra strap away from revealing their goods. On the flipside, Sin City's gentlemen's clubs have been getting bigger, flashier and increasingly focused on service and atmosphere. Basically, the two nightlife industries have been converging for some time now, which makes Seamless nearly overdue.

Seamless is ambitiously taking on both the worlds of adult entertainment and upscale nightlife. The entire club has been designed to maximize guests' enjoyment and to provide for a "seamless" transition from gentlemen's club to after-hours party spot.

Every detail of the club has been customized and optimized. Two sets
of plush furniture were purchased for Seamless, which have been customized to allow for the smooth switch of formats at 4 a.m. nightly.
A state-of-the-art lighting and sound system ensures the club - regardless of the amount of flesh on display - is always hot and throbbing.

There are three bars to keep guests' glasses filled, including a large arrow-shaped one in the center of the club. During strip club hours, a giant, glass catwalk joins the center bar to the main stage, allowing dancers to easily work the room. But when Seamless transitions into after-hours mode, the catwalk raises to the ceiling, clearing dancing room for guests to take advantage of the large hardwood dance floor. Of course, tantalizing go-go dancers will still entertain in the main room, just with a little less flesh on display.

Seamless features a few delights rare among either the world of nightlife or adult entertainment. Most stunning is the eight-foot martini glass in which a beautiful female host bathes, welcoming customers into the club (she is topless before the club switches into afterhours mode). Another unique aspect of Seamless is the unisex restroom, with LCD lighting within the glass stalls, which turn opaque when closed.

To top everything off, not only does the roof of the club serve as a parking lot, but it also provides an amazing 360-degree view of the Strip and the Vegas Valley when used as a concert venue for special events.

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